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Enjoying Responsibly Starts Before Drinking

Enjoying a beer, glass of wine, or a favorite cocktail is a beloved way to end a day or have fun with others. So many celebrations, parties, or other special events happen in places that serve alcohol. However, if your business serves alcohol there could be risks involved. A single claim could ruin the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

So, how do you protect your company from the accidents that come with serving beer, wine, spirits or any other kind of alcohol? With quality liquor liability insurance from E/G of Florida.

What is Liquor Liability Insurance?

While alcohol can be a fun way to unwind, celebrate, or socialize, we all know that it can make people more prone to incidents. At the highest level, liquor liability insurance protects a company that manufactures, sells or serves alcohol, against claims that occur when a patron drinks too much and injures himself or someone else.

Liquor Liablity Insurance

Unfortunately, this means that if you sell alcohol or liquor on site, then you could be held liable for your patron’s actions and wrongdoings. The issue is, that alcohol can impair the judgment of the consumer and if your business is serving it, it’s important that you are prepared for what may happen next. Restaurants, clubs, taverns and bars that serve alcohol in any form, including wine, beer and spirits could end up footing the bill for damages done by an inebriated patron.

While it may seem unfair, your establishment could be sued if someone drinks at your location and then goes on to cause an accident, damage property or cause injury to themselves or others. Liquor Liability Insurance protects your business in the event of an incident; your standard insurance policy likely will not cover any alcohol-related incidents.

Is Liquor Liability Insurance Required in Florida?

There has always been a great deal of confusion about the need for liquor liability - even among insurance professionals. Liquor liability laws vary greatly by state, and insurance policy coverage options are often confusing.

Here are the basics:

“Dram Shop” Laws

This law holds alcoholic beverage servers financially liable for harm that visibly intoxicated individuals cause to other people, themselves, or property. These laws are established at the state level. They can apply not only to bars, liquor stores, and restaurants but also to social clubs and private events where liquor is served. Dram shop laws also include selling liquor without a license, selling liquor after hours, and selling liquor to minors.

Liquor Legal Liability

This Insurance provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage for which you may become legally liable as the result of contributing to a person's intoxication. This coverage is provided by a separate policy and will only cover establishments 'in the business of' manufacturing, selling, distributing, or serve alcoholic beverages for a charge. This exposure is not covered under a general liability policy.

Host Liquor Liability Insurance Policies

This Insurance covers special events for businesses that elect to serve alcohol to their employees, prospects, and customers. This type of liability insurance is also needed by people and businesses serving or providing alcoholic beverages to customers, guests, or employees.

Why Your Florida Business Needs Liquor Liability Insurance?

The fact is that if you sell alcohol you need Liquor Liability Insurance in Florida. No matter if you are a grocery store or a bar it's vital that you carry Liquor Liability Insurance. The most important aspect of liquor liability insurance to keep in mind is that it is not included in most business policies.

This insurance covers you in the event of an accident, altercation or other event involving someone who was served alcohol at your establishment. While insurance will not prevent someone from filing a lawsuit against you, it will protect your assets if damages are awarded. Our professional agents at E/G of Florida can help make sure your policy fully protects your business.

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As a Florida business owner, you’re not in control of your patrons, but you can take steps to protect yourself. The insurance experts at E/G of Florida in Deerfield Beach, Florida can help make sure your policy fully protects your business and have the know-how to answer any questions you may have. Before you let your patrons crack open a cold one, give E/G of Florida a call at 866-565-3939. Or simply fill out the “Get a Quote” form on our contact page!

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